Crops now need some heat

June has arrived—and I’m counting on some warmer growing days now!
It hasn’t been all that wet but we certainly need some heat! Most all of our crops here at the agricultural research station in Emo have emerged, but some of them are patiently waiting for some heat.
It’s looking like the alfalfa should be ready to harvest within the next week or 10 days.
I did see that some hay was cut north of Emo on Saturday! I realize this is likely going into a silo but here we are in our next season (time sure does go fast!)
I’m also anxious to get on the sprayer here at EARS–there is some nasty grass weed pressure and I’m eager to get that under control!
If the wind co-operates, I should be able to take care of this quite easily.
• • •
The Fort Frances Nursery School visited my farm this past week. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the greatest but it is difficult to re-schedule events when some parents have to book the day off work to tour their kids around.
Maddie and Marlee helped move the sheep, horse, and rabbits into the barn so at least everyone was able to stay out of the wind. We also did a few tractor rides, but we had to limit the route to just around the field since it was sticky enough that it wasn’t a good idea to head through any of the bush trails.
Maddie showed everyone how to feed grain to the steers—and the steers apparently loved their visit since they likely ate three pails of grain!
We cancelled the idea of having a bonfire since the winds were so strong, so we all ended up in the basement of the house to enjoy our barbecue hotdogs!
We certainly could have had a better time with better weather, but I’m hoping the kids had fun anyway!
• • •
I thought I was gonna lose my old “Karma” this week but thankfully a vet visit and some antibiotics seems to have helped tremendously!
I had a terrible couple of days–I can barely function when my dog is sick. I apologize to everyone that I wasn’t even able to talk to because I was so upset.
I honestly thought it was going to be her last visit to the vet, so I made my boyfriend/partner come along with me.
Fortunately, she is doing much better and I am very thankful for that (I’m sure my boyfriend/partner is, as well, since he didn’t know what to do with me).
• • •
Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday to come and work at the sales barn in Stratton. We really accomplished a lot and you will be shocked to see the difference we made on your next visit.
I know it is tough to give up your time to come and volunteer, but it certainly makes big jobs easier and quickly with lots of hands.
Lunch also was awesome—prime rib on a bun! You can’t beat that!
• • •
The Bliss family said “good-bye” to Uncle Buster this past week. I have lots of good “kid” memories with Uncle Buster, including fishing on Bad Vermilion (but not allowing a jackfish to even get within two feet of the boat), riding in the camper in the back of the truck all the way to Mine Centre, and his extreme neatness!
Of course, like all families, as you grow older and get busier with your own life, you don’t get to see one another nearly as much!
I’m hoping that Auntie Denise, Shanny, and Beannie find comfort in all the good memories and good times we all had.
• • •
Ron Westgate and Bruce Forrest, from Gencor/Semex Alliance, will be hosting an evening visit tonight (June 8) upstairs at the Morley municipal office.
Please join us if you are able!

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