Council taking orders for seedlings

Peggy Revell

As its inaugural project, the South Kenora-Rainy River Stewardship Council will be taking orders for tree seedlings during March.
“The council’s goal [with this project] is to increase the number of trees planted in the greater Rainy River District,” said Colin Langford, the MNR’s local stewardship co-ordinator.
“The project is basically designed to make trees available to landowners and reduce the burden for them to have to travel long distances to arrange pick up of the trees,” he added.
“Because that’s one of the issues. There’s no seedlings available in large quantities locally.
“The goal of the council is to get trees in the ground, and to aid in sequestering carbon, increasing the capacity to withstand climate change, decrease soil erosion, and also increase habitat for wildlife,” Langford explained.
Brought in by the MNR less than a year ago, the South Kenora-Rainy River Stewardship Council is a community-based project made up of local landowners, associations, resource agencies, and those who have an interest in promoting responsible land care and sustainable use of resources through land stewardship.
First developed in 1995 by the MNR, there now are 42 stewardship programs across the province. These councils have been involved with a wide range of projects, from tree planting and shoreline restoration to environmental education and helping species-at-risk projects.
“This is one simple, simple project. It’s a very feel good project, it’s very easy to get off the ground,” stressed Langford, noting the local council anticipates good success with it.
“It won’t be the only thing they’re going to do,” he added. “It’s just one project that they’re going to be involved with, and hopefully we’ll establish it yearly, depending on the success of it the first year.”
Black Spruce, White Spruce, and Red Pine are available for purchase for 25 cents per seedling, sold in bundles of 20 for $5.
The seedlings will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with a maximum order of 10 bundles (200 seedlings), although orders over 200 seedlings will be considered.
The council is looking to just cover costs of the project from sales, noted Langford, adding the seedlings hopefully will be coming from a source in Dryden.
Orders and payment must be received before March 31, and pick-up of the trees will be at the Emo Agricultural Research Station on May 1 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
For more details or to order, contact Langford at 274-8637.