‘Coffee shop’ talk not always the true story

Last week I mentioned that you are not always getting the “true story” at the coffee shop, and I need to continue this.
First I heard that we were not accepting cattle at the Stratton sales barn unless they were participating in the protocol sale. This is untrue.
We are trying to develop a brand for local producers (that being “Rainy River Raised”), but we certainly understand that not everyone will be willing to participate and this is completely fine.
We will take everyone’s cattle, no matter what colour they are or what ear the ear tag is placed in.
To clarify, call Clayton Teeple at 487-1465 or 275-8188.
I then heard that the new abattoir in Emo only was taking cattle from members. This also is untrue.
They still are welcoming memberships, but by no means will they turn down any animal.
If you wish to purchase an abattoir membership, they cost $500 and you can purchase a hook at $100. Slaughter fees are $150 for beef under 30 months, $200 for beef over 30 months, $50 for sheep, and $150 for elk and bison.
If you have a membership but no hooks, you pay 10 percent. If you have no membership and no hooks, you pay 25 percent more.
To clarify any matters regarding the abattoir, call Marg Irvine at 482-3028 or 487-2504.
• • •
After we dropped off my little calf in Stratton last week, we decided to run into Emo with Maddie (Marlee missed out again as she was home sleeping with Grandpa) and take her for a quick visit to the Nussbaumers, where they have numerous sheep/lambs and goats/kids. I am referring, of course, to baby goats when I say kids, but there were plenty of kids there, as well.
The Nussbaumers have a beautiful farm on the river and seemed to welcome extra visitors to see their baby animals. It is so fun to see the little lambs and kids running around playing, they are very happy little animals.
Thanks to Monica and kids—you are wonderful people to share this with others!
• • •
My friend had some guests over to her farm last weekend and she told me a cute story that I have to share.
They were out looking at the cattle and calves when the little boy asked, “Is that price tags that they all have in their ears?”
I guess it likely looks like that, with a bunch of numbers on a tag!
Hopefully, the one he was looking at will bring more than $5, though (he was looking at a 5 tag #).
• • •
Maddie and Marlee now have a new playhouse here!
I had dropped the hint to my boyfriend/partner that “we” should build a playhouse for the girls. He did think the “we” thing sounded funny, but he did it (he and my almost stepson).
It is adorable. But I’m just afraid that they plan on doubling it up as a deer stand, as well!
• • •
Our first cattle sale of the year went off pretty well on Saturday. I think there was a slight increase in prices.
I did see a noticeable difference in prices for cows that were age-verified versus ones that were not.
The improvements at the sales barn were appreciated and noted by many, including myself. We now have Internet at the barn and on Friday while we were receiving cattle, I was reading them through our RFID scanner and at the same time able to age-verify cattle or print off birth certificates for producers, as well.
It was wonderful. We also were told that is one of the reasons a producer should use the barn.
We will do what we can to help everyone out. We are licensed and here to work for our community!

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