Hi, my name is Clinton Gray and I am running for Fort Frances town council. I love this town and want to help shape it for our future generations. I am asking for your vote this Oct. 22.
The biggest strength I bring to the table is leadership with an ability to think outside the box. As a salesman of 10 years I’ve had to probe to get to the bottom of situations and keep customers and the companies I’ve worked for happy.
I’m also a forward-thinking family man. Having an eight-year-old daughter, I feel puts me more in touch with the needs of young families while still being connected to the needs of our parents and grandparents.
The most important issues facing our community right now are drug use, homelessness, affordable housing and finding and retaining good doctors. There should be a curfew set out for high drug-use areas of town like parks. This would give our police a reason to stop anyone in these areas past a certain time. We also need more secure sharps containers at high drug-use sites.
We need to fix the housing situation, have more services to help and more social connectedness.
Also a big issue we have to come to a conclusion is the Point dispute. We need to work with neighbouring First Nations to solve this issue.
A sustainable future to me is bringing in more quality jobs and industry and bringing in more recreational activities to keep and attract people to this area.
Affordable housing is also a big thing for our future for both the elderly and younger families if we want to keep and attract more people here. When we work on the housing issues this town faces it will also help with the rise of homelessness we have seen.
We need to bring in more interests and pursuits for people and do something like a tax break on rental properties to entice owners to lower rent.