Cleanliness is next to Godliness

I am travelling this week, and I’ve noticed everyone seems to have become much more cautious of spreading illness. You can’t wash your hands too often today.
Extending your hand to greet someone no longer is the accepted practice. Manners now call for you to greet someone by gripping the person on the shoulder and accepting a grip back.
From my Quebec friends, the greeting was a quick kiss to both cheeks. That, too, has become banished. Instead, the correct greeting is a simulated brushing of the cheeks while maintaining an air separation between them.
We just can’t trust our friends anymore. In fact, relationships and friendships now are a danger to be avoided.
When one visits the restroom, following the traditional washing of the hands, you now apply a lotion to your hands so you can open the door to leave.
Heaven help you if taste something from another person’s plate. Their germs might just cause you to end up in the hospital.
It might be that we all have a right to be worried. More than one cruise ship has arrived back in port with more ill vacationers than healthy ones.
Today, we know that the most effective method of protecting ourselves is by washing our hands more frequently. Yet, I watched a group of soccer players come into the waiting room for the Powell River, B.C. ferry.
With mud-splattered shoes, they headed for the confectionery machines—passing money back and forth oblivious to the research we see today.
In another corner, two boys shared cookies and pudding with a single spoon. Are they fearless?
I doubt it. Probably just being more practical than the adults I met this past weekend.
Anyone with a six-month-old infant knows that anything and everything seems to get in their mouths. With everything being tested, parents worry and fuss. Today with all our new information, we have more reason to worry.
Are we going to stop those youngsters from their learning paths? I doubt it. It just makes being a new parent that much harder.
People now cough or sneeze into their shoulders to keep their germs from being broadcast across a room. It offers greater protection to us.
We are learning more about the spread of contagious illness. But with that knowledge, we all are being forced to reconsider much about our personal safety.

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