Class visits ag station

We welcomed a class trip (JK-Grade 3) from Nestor Falls last week at the agricultural research station here in Emo.
I think they enjoyed the wagon ride, but they all were anxious to head off to their next stop—the Emo spray park!
We showed them some of the more common crops, then took them over to the hybrid poplar trees and let them run around in the neat rows.
I remember as a kid how exciting those last few days of school were and the special school trips planned at the end of the year!
Maddie had a JK school trip last week, as well, and she was up bright and early because of the excitement!
• • •
We finished our first crop of forages last week at the station. I decided to cut all of the larger plots on Friday with the haybine because when I had checked the weather for the last time earlier that day, they only were calling for one-three mm of rain.
Of course, that turned into 25 mm.
It wouldn’t be bad except that they are calling for a rather wet rest of this week!
I also was hoping to finish the last of my spraying but if it stays wet, that will be off the list, as well.
• • •
I had one of the most productive weekends at home that I’ve had in a long time—we finished sharpening, hauling, and spreading posts.
We now have to wait until we have a loader to come and push them in the ground.
I was expecting that I might have to go fishing on Sunday, it being Father’s Day and all, but since the weather wasn’t the greatest, I was able to stay home and tackled housework!
Whew, did that ever feel good. There is something about a nice, clean (less dog hair) house.
I should be good now until after haying season (ha-ha).
Speaking of haying, I was planning to cut a small patch of alfalfa that I had planted on my heat pump area. But since I’ve noticed I have a bobolink nesting in that patch, I’m going to have to postpone that until they have had a chance to hatch and fly away.
The bobolink is one of the birds that are listed on the endangered species list. As kids I remember seeing many of them, but they are not so plentiful now.
I also have been enjoying seeing a little fawn that seems to be living with her mom close around my yard. She wasn’t even as big as my lambs, but she is starting to move around a lot quicker and now I have seen her little tail that is about an inch long.
I also have a couple of nice bucks that are sporting nice velvet now.
I also was going through my many elk pictures that I took over the winter (my boyfriend/partner wanted to take some to work since he is working with some new guys) and I came across a couple I didn’t even remember seeing.
One of them was of the older bull and the tags was quite blurry. But I thought that possibly my MNR friends might be able to figure it out what it was, so I sent them that picture.
It turns out that they could figure it out and that bull was a year old when he was released in the Cameron Lake area, which means he is 11 this year, which is very old!
I’m glad he was able to have a nice winter with my bulls since his winters are likely numbered.
• • •
I sure hope all you dads out there had a great Father’s Day on Sunday. My dad was away at a country music show, but he was home in time to go out for supper.
He certainly has been a good dad to Shane and me. We haven’t wanted for too much, and have to be careful just talking about things that we would like to have or wish for as he will try to make it happen.
Thanks for being a #1 daddy!

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