Christmas shopping no joy for me

I was so stressed out about shopping that I almost forgot to do my weekly “Moos” column.
I’m not a shopper—not in any way, shape, or form. It’s not because I’m cheap, I just think it is difficult and somewhat of a waste of good time (shopping vs. farming: farming wins!)
I was up bright and early to try and cross everything off my list! I had to start off with a gift return since my boyfriend/partner decided to buy himself a Christmas present and came home with the gift that I already has bought him (I was not impressed, mainly because of my lack of desire to shop).
Luckily, it was returned with no hassle and I was off to tackle the list.
It seemed to be going well, but slow, as I am not the only person to leave things until the last week before Christmas.
Of course, visiting with everyone really accounts for a lot of time, as well. I always run into many friends that I don’t see throughout the year (and if you know me at all, I can talk).
I still feel I need something more for my brother, but he may end up with a gift card. I only have one brother and even though the two of us really don’t need anything (or the stuff we need is unaffordable for each other), I still would like to spoil him and show him how special he is to me!
Similarly, my parents have given Shane and me everything we ever wanted—and much more. We are lucky to have such wonderful parents, but how do you buy a gift for two people who are just happy having kids and grandkids.
They deserve the world, but will settle for whatever it is we can come up with. My dad would be happy if all he got was “smelly stuff” (cologne) and scratch tickets, but I feel they should have more.
I ended up finding something online for them on Sunday night, so now we’ll see if I can get it here by Christmas (I guess I should have started a bit earlier . . . maybe next year).
I do agree that giving is better than receiving. I love finding the perfect gift, but it is so much easier when you have an idea.
My boyfriend/partner is frustrated because I won’t give him an idea for myself. But I, too, require nothing. I asked him to just help do a few repairs in the barn, but he doesn’t think that is suitable!
I pretty much buy all my gifts locally—and many of them were local food. I figure rather than stuff, we are all satisfied when we are eating so I tried that route!
• • •
My best friend from public school and high school was out with her family on the weekend looking for a Christmas tree.
She lives all the way in town (Fort Frances) and sadly we barely get to see each other. Lives get so busy, and kids take up a lot of time.
As such, I always looks forward to our Christmas visit (sometimes Fort Frances seems miles away when you get busy farming, researching, and going to meetings).
I think I’m going to make a New Year’s resolution this year to “try and visit my town friends more!”
I remember growing up and seeing my mom see her girlfriends once a year when they all gathered in “town” and thinking, “I will never only see my girlfriends once a year.” And yet, here I am.
On a brighter note, some of my country friends gathered together over the weekend to enjoy our annual “Seafood Night,” which was delicious.
Our friends have been doing this for us for a number of years—and we look forward to it and enjoy it immensely.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were out for the weekend. This time, we experienced snowmobiling and the girls loved it!
Maddie received a new book from Santa at nursery school and found out the deer will take the carrot off a snowman and eat it. So we had to set up a spot to feed the deer carrots now!
• • •
A lot of people are talking about the number of wolves around. On Saturday morning, a huge wolf came wandering down the road to my laneway.
It got startled seeing the bulls and horse, and ran off through the field. It was huge—and looked to be in very good shape.
This won’t be good for our sheep when we get them this spring!
• • •
Merry Christmas, everyone! Be sure to take time to enjoy your family and friends!

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