Christmas gift ideas for anglers

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure plenty of shoppers already have found the perfect gift for their favourite angler or hunter.
But if you are like me, you wait until the last minute and make a mad scramble to come up with a thoughtful gift for everybody you love.
Well, if you still are looking for a gift for someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors, here are some good ideas that may be able to save you time.
Are you living with a hardcore ice angler? If so, the solutions are easy.
Do they have a portable fish shelter? If not, they are a must have. What about an new auger? Hand augers are cheaper than power models, but still have many advantages and uses. How about a fish finder? Flashers are used by ice anglers to check depths, mark fish, and allow the user to watch their lure on a small screen while they jig.
These are all items I don’t hit the hard water without.
Finally, ice rod-and-reel combos are relatively cheap, but make a great gift. And all kinds of specialized ice tackle will make great small gifts or stocking-stuffers.
Do you know an angler who fishes tournaments? Tournament competition calls for more specialized equipment than the average angler uses.
How about a scale to weigh fish, or a balance beam used for culling fish? What about a new rod or reel? A quick stop at local fishing shops will get you in touch with people who can show you the hottest new lures and baits on the market (just ask for those that will catch the species of fish your favourite angler spends the most time chasing).
Quality rain gear is worth its weight in gold when the weather goes downhill. A new set will never disappoint anyone.
Is there a hunter in your midst? Trail cameras probably are the most popular new item hunters are using these days. They are fun to use and would make a great gift.
A new knife always is good to have and there are endless options out there. Normark has released a line of hunting knives that are economical and very well made. They also make fillet knives that are very popular in Northwestern Ontario—and have stood the test of time.
Binoculars are handy and often overlooked. And hunters can never have too much camo clothing, either (it’s actually kind of fashionable in our part of the world! )
Is boating a popular pastime in your group? What about some new manually inflatable life jackets? They are comfortable and easy to store.
What about a “floater” jacket if you are buying for someone who spends a lot of time on the water during the cold seasons of spring and fall. They are warm—and can save a life.
If you really like the person you are shopping for, a new colour GPS/sonar combo will make navigation easier and help make the person a better angler.
If you are in a rut this season for buying gifts for people, hopefully this helps kick out some ideas for you. Happy holidays!

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