Checking my list

In this season of giving, I figured it was only appropriate to spread the Christmas joy around.
Instead of working from lists of who’s been naughty (excluding me, of course) and who’s been nice, I’ve decided there’s a number of individuals and teams from this area who deserve presents of the unwrapped, yet still useful, variety.
So before I jet my way home to Edmonton to spend the holidays with my family and friends, allow me to play Santa and deliver some sporting stocking stuffers:
•To Dave Allison and the Borderland Thunder: Several shipments of new hockey sticks which possess unlimited scoring power that will last all the way through (hopefully) an SIJHL championship run, followed by more success in the Dudley Hewitt and Air Canada Cup tournaments.
•To Bob Swing and the Muskie football team: A supply of short memories, and an accelerated calendar year so they can be back on the field as soon as possible for their chance to re-emerge as gridiron giants.
•To the Muskie basketball teams: An extra tank of fuel to outrace their NorWOSSA competitors to the net, and a healthy dose of shooting touch to light up the scoreboard.
•To the Muskie volleyball squads: Wings on their shoes to help them soar over their rivals, and some cast-iron gloves to help dull the pain of dozens of spike blocks.
•To Shane Bliss and the Muskie boys’ hockey team: An extension to their undefeated NorWOSSA season that stretches as far as the gold-medal final at the all-Ontarios.
•To Jim McMahon and the Muskie girls’ hockey team: The determination to stand strong in the face of their current NorWOSSA difficulties, and to come through it all with pride in their effort, no matter the result.
•To the Aquanaut and Cyclone swim teams: A pool brimming with personal bests and podium finishes.
•To all local YBC participants: Pins that always fall over, wider alleys, smaller gutters, and strikes galore.
•To all Fort Frances, Emo, and Rainy River figure skaters: A maximum of jumps with a minimum of falls.
•To all stock car, go-kart, and snowmobile racers: Foolproof engines that never burn out, and the wind at your backs instead of the dust (or powder) in your eyes.
•To all quarter-horse competitors in the region: Shiny new saddles, some eye-catching riding outfits, and four-legged partners that always go in the right direction.
•To Christin Thomson: Tee shots that never go astray, a set of irons that never miss the green, and a putter which lets the ball know exactly where the hole is every time, along with continued success on the St. John’s Red Storm women’s golf team.
•To Sarah Noonan: A set of customized cleats, guaranteed to send the ball to the back of the net every time during, hopefully, another good season with the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs women’s soccer squad.
•To all hunters and fishermen: Kills and catches aplenty, along with a continuation of the common sense to stay within their quotas.
•To all athletes, coaches, and parents: The understanding that success isn’t measured in wins and losses, but in hard work, dedication, and the level of respect for one’s opponent.
•To each and every one of you: All the very best to you and your loved ones. May the spirit of the season stay in your hearts throughout the year.
Joy to the world, indeed. Merry Christmas!
If you are planning any sporting events, or have some sports-related information or scores, feel free to call me at 274-5373 ext. 237 or by e-mail at

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