Cattle show true family affair

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Earlier this month, 10-year-old Nick Teeple of Stratton, with his Charolais-Simmental cross named “Buddy,” took home the grand champion market steer title from the annual 4-H market steer auction at the Emo Fair.
But it wasn’t a real surprise that Teeple’s steer did well since competing in the annual 4-H beef show and steer auction is something that’s in his blood—something that’s been passed down from generation to generation.
This year, in fact, three generations of the Teeple family competed—Nick, his dad, Leonard, and his grandfather, Al.
“It was a really nice experience,” Leonard Teeple said. “I was pretty excited about it.
“It brought back a lot of memories from when I used to be in 4-H,” he added.
Both Leonard and Al, having been involved in the 4-H beef club, showed in the open class this year. Even Al’s five-year-old grandson, Bradley, showed a heifer in the open class.
“I showed ‘Buddy’ even though my dad wanted to. I told him I already had him,” Leonard chuckled, noting “Buddy” was Nick’s birthday gift from his grandfather.
“Looking at [Buddy], I though Nick had a pretty good chance of winning,” Al remarked. “But there were lots of good ones there.
“I wouldn’t have wanted to be the judge.”
Still, Leonard and Al were very proud of young Nick’s accomplishment, especially for it being his first year in 4-H.
“We were pretty proud of him,” Al said.
“The last two months, he really got into it,” Leonard added, saying he and Al gave the youngster pointers on such things as leading, feeding, and cleaning “Buddy.”
Leonard said Nick decided to call his steer “Buddy” after a conversation with an older relative who also named each of his 4-H animals “Buddy.”
The steer’s name is just one of several things passed along. Being a first-year 4-H’er and earning the title of grand champion market steer also runs in the family.
“Two of our sons, when they were in their first year, won grand champion, as well, so that carries on a bit of a tradition,” Al recalled.
He added he hopes to show more cattle in the 4-H shows in the coming years.
Meanwhile, Nick already has his steer for next year—“Buddy’s” brother.
“He’s pretty nice. Looks about the same as ‘Buddy’ did a year ago, but just a little darker,” Leonard said, adding his son will be vying for the grand champion title again in 2010.
This year’s steer auction saw “Buddy” purchased by Dan Loney of Cloverleaf for $2.64/pound.
Here are the other results from the 2009 4-H cattle show:
•Champion Senior Beef Showman—Matt McQuaker
•Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showman—Mitchell Haw
•Champion Intermediate Beef Showman—Brandon Benjamin
•Reserve Champion Intermediate Beef Showman—Savannah Hughes
•Champion Junior Beef Showman—Robert J. McDonald
•Reserve Champion Junior Beef Showman—Halle Shypit
•Champion Novice Beef Showman—Ross Steele
•Reserve Champion Novice Beef Showman—Aaron Short
•Grand Champion Showman (Hereford Association Trophy)—Mitchell Haw
•Reserve Champion Showman—Matt McQuaker
•Craig Advent Memorial Award—Ross Steele
•Champion Senior Beef Heifer—Hally Nixon
•Reserve Champion Senior Beef Heifer—Riley Caul
•Doug Carlson Award—Riley Caul
•Champion two-year-old cow with calf—Riley Caul
•Reserve Champion two-year-old cow with calf—Damien Stang
Results from the market steer open show were as follows:
•Champion First Weight Division—Brandon Benjamin
•Reserve Champion First Weight Division—Sarah Truelove
•Champion Second Weight Division—Nick Teeple
•Reserve Champion Second Weight Division—Morgan Haw
•Champion Third Weight Division—Myan Miller
•Reserve Champion Third Weight Division—Ross Steele
•Grand Champion—Nick Teeple
•Reserve Champion—Sarah Truelove