Cattle sale shows good results

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association’s yearling and calf sale held Saturday (Oct. 6) had good results, both in the number of stock and the amount sellers received for their stock.
Some 1,319 calves and yearlings were for sale, and the farmers seemed pleased with their take-home money.
Buyers for Northern Ontario, Northwestern Ontario, and the western provinces showed up to observe and purchase.
The next cattle sale will take place Saturday, Oct. 27 at the sales barn in Stratton.
• • •
The Emo District Hospital Auxiliary is celebrating its 20th anniversary with their better-than-ever fall tea, bake sale, and bazaar.
This fun-filled event takes place this Friday (Oct. 12) from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Emo Legion.
There will be a $2 admission at the door, and a draw will be made for door prizes. Donations would be appreciated.
• • •
Students from Grades 1-8 will attend a MADD presentation at Donald Young School in Emo on Friday.
The Terry Fox Run held at Crossroads School here in Devlin raised about $3,000.
School photos will be taken at Crossroads on Oct. 11 (JK-Grade 4) and Oct. 12 (Grades 5-8).
As well, volunteers still are needed for Crossroads’ breakfast and lunch program.
• • •
A reminder that the next P.A. Day for district students is Monday, Oct. 29.
• • •
There will be a bingo at the Emo Legion next Tuesday (Oct. 16).
Cards will be played at the Emo Legion this Sunday (Oct. 15) at 1 p.m. 500 is played there every Thursday at 7 p.m.
• • •
Guthrie United Church in Devlin is holding a garage sale this Saturday (Oct. 13) from 8:30-noon.
• • •
St. Mary’s Church in Fort Frances needs clean, used winter coats for men, women, and children. Drop them off at the church basement on Oct. 27 and Oct. 29 from 1-3 p.m.
They would be greatly appreciated for those folks needing a winter coat.
Coats from the collection will be given out Oct. 30-31 from 1-4 p.m. Folks are encouraged to come early for best selection.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
A farmer and his wife finally had saved enough money to take a vacation to the “Big Apple.” They brought along their teenage son to see how big city folks live.
After arriving in New York, they were taken directly to their hotel by taxi.
Before they even entered the lobby of their hotel, the farmer’s wife spotted a display of women’s apparel in the window of the shop next door and she stopped to study the finery.
The farmer and his son went into the hotel and registered, then their luggage was whisked out of sight. They walked slowly around the lobby, looking at the paintings, the plush furniture, the profusion of potted plants, etc., and finally came to a wall with big metal double doors, each with a dial above it.
As they watched, one set of the doors slid open and an elderly woman—wearing glasses and carrying a cane—stepped through the doors into a small room behind them.
The doors slid shut, and the dial above the door lit up, revealing progressive numbers, 1,2,3, up to 8.
As the farmer stroked his chin and studied the dial, it suddenly began blinking again, 8,7,6 . . . until only the 1 was lit. Then the double doors opened and a very attractive young woman stepped out and walked past them briskly.
The farmer stood still a moment, staring after her.
Then he grabbed his son by the arm and shoved him toward the front door. “Quick, Junior,” he said. “Get your ma and we’ll run her through that thing!”

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