Canoe trip enjoyed on the Pine River

I hope everyone has been out enjoying this weather! It feels incredibly good—and we truly don’t get enough of this.
The sun certainly brings out the beautiful colour of the trees, grass, and sky in clean and green Rainy River District.
I had the chance to experience some of our great district first-hand this past week when our stewardship committee embarked on a bit of an adventure—a four-hour canoe trip down the Pine River.
(The best part of the entire thing was that I wasn’t sore the next day. I couldn’t believe it, I was fully expecting to be a hurting unit!)
I had a great canoeing partner in Timo Brielmann, who put up with my fear of water (and I put up with his fears of spiders).
The worst part was we had two holes in our canoe. We managed to “band-aid” the first one, and just coped with the second, but by the end of the trip, we were canoeing with a lot of extra water.
So we managed to find a rope trailing along from another canoe and hung on for a free ride. The best part was they didn’t know! We splashed every now and then so they thought we were still working and it was a worth a good chuckle.
It was a great time, and I highly recommend you check out the Pine River if you’re looking for a nice canoe trip. You just may want to do it sooner rather than later as I’m sure as things dry up, there may be a few spots that you would have to walk your canoe).
• • •
I attended the first barn concert of the summer Friday night at Cornell Farms.
Wow, was there a lot of talent in that barn! We should be very proud that we have such talented young people from our district.
It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to sing (I wanted to sing at one of my friend’s weddings but they wouldn’t let me!) I would welcome any one of these people to come and play/sing at my barn anytime!
Of course, I am a bit partial to Garnet Cornell, whom I’ve known since he was born, and Shannon Darby (I’ve known the same amount of time, but am lucky to have her working for me at the research station this year.
I just hope they remember me when they are rich and famous!
• • •
So many of you will know my good friend, Fisher (he is, after all, one of a kind), who mentioned to me about attending a birthday party for a good friend of his recently.
Fisher loves to meet new people (mainly cause they don’t know his stories yet) but he wanted me to mention how much fun he had with a certain Mrs. C. from Fort Frances (sounds like she was enjoying his stories and wit).
Her husband, a certain Muskie hockey coach, likely will be out farming with Fisher now since his stories are so entertaining and intriguing!
• • •
We lost anther special person last week—someone who has raised a truly great family, and were very involved and active in our community.
Even though it is a tough time, they have been taught and raised so well that they will continue on and get through this.
We all are thinking of the Hyatt family, and hope they know the values that have been instilled in them are one of a kind and a huge asset to this district.
• • •
I hope all the dads had a great day on Sunday. I tired to keep my list of “things to do” shortened so that my boyfriend/partner could enjoy himself a bit rather than work all weekend.
We actually hoped to get up to the lake/trapline but because my parents were away, guess who we had? Kloee (the bad dog). We thought she would be easier to dog-sit at home, but not sure if that was so.
She chases the cat, the deer, the birds, the cows, and the bulls, and is in Karma’s face all the time.
Finally on Sunday, the bull managed to step on her and give her a good kick, so we are hoping she might have learned her lesson (we can only hope!)

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