Thatcher to grace $10 bill?

The Associated Press

LONDON—Britain is abuzz with U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s suggestion that Margaret Thatcher should grace the new $10 bill.
Mock-ups of a $10 note featuring the former prime minister were prominent on British newspaper websites today.
Even the BBC couldn’t resist—pasting an image of a steely-eyed, if slightly smiling, Thatcher onto the bill.
Bush made Thatcher his choice during last’s night’s Republican presidential debate after candidates were asked their choice for the bill, which U.S. President Barack Obama has said will feature a woman.
“I would go with Ronald Reagan’s partner, Margaret Thatcher,” Bush noted.
“Probably illegal but what the heck?”
Thatcher, who served as prime minister from 1979-1990, remains a divisive figure in Britain.
She is admired by conservatives in America for her friendship with former president Ronald Reagan.