Santa cutting back on individual letters

The Canadian Press

Canada Post says Santa won’t be sending as many personalized letters to kids this year, though he still wants to make sure he responds to every note he receives.
The postal agency noted many children write letters to Santa both from home and from school, which gave Santa and his elves a total of 1.6 million notes to reply to last year.
To make sure kids don’t get inconsistent responses, Canada Post said its program will change for letters sent from school.
Santa will sent a poster-sized group letter back to all classes that write him, with every child’s name included in the note.
He’ll also include a “special package of seeds from the North Pole” that teachers can use to lead a class activity.
Teachers are encouraged to get their students’ letters in the mail by Dec. 2.
If kids want a personalized reply from Santa, they still can write him from home.
Canada Post said children will be sure to get a response before Christmas if they mail their letter before Dec. 11.
The agency said letters written in class cannot receive a response sent to a child’s home since privacy legislation bars schools from sharing student addresses.
Parents, teachers, and kids wanting to write to Santa should direct their letters to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0.