Police dog taken out of service

The Canadian Press

SASKATOON–A Saskatoon police dog that bit a six-year-old girl while it was tracking suspects in a home invasion has been taken off the streets until a review can be completed.
Police Chief Troy Cooper said the review will include the dog’s history and the handler’s actions.
Cooper says the dog is a three-year-old Belgian Malinois and has been in service for 10 months.
He noted the dog was trained to Saskatchewan Police Commission standards and there were no issues during training or while in service with the canine unit.
The chief said it is too early to say what ultimately will happen to the dog.
The animal was in a harness and on a leash when it rounded a corner and latched onto the girl.
Police said in a news release Sunday that the dog instantly released the girl when told to do so.
A witness said the handler shouted repeatedly to let go but the dog still held the girl tight in its jaws.