Orca pod makes second visit to Victoria Harbour

The Canadian Press

VICTORIA–A pod of orcas has made a brief visit to Victoria Harbour–the second excursion by a group of killer whales in as many weeks.
Jackie Cowan, who lives on a boat in the harbour and also is a captain on a whale-watching vessel, said the pod cruised in Sunday evening.
She identified them as transient orcas, which prey mainly on seals, sea lions, and dolphins.
Cowan said the group of at least four orcas arrived in the harbour as they tracked the tide line and the marine creatures it carried with it following a very low ebb tide earlier in the day.
The pod left the harbour about 30 minutes later.
On June 4, another pod of transient orcas spent about an hour in the harbour–marking the first appearance of the mammals in the waterway in decades.
Cowan said Sunday’s visit likely was related to the recent low tides.
“Animals and organisms that aren’t normally affected by tide were swept out with exceptionally low tides of recent days and were coming back in with [the rising] tide,” she noted.
She said smaller marine mammals that are the whale’s usual prey likely would have been following the large amount of nutrients carried along by the tide, which is why the killer whales were not far behind.