NDP prepared to be tough


OTTAWA – Jagmeet Singh is today signalling a tougher approach to co-operation with the minority Liberal government in Parliament.

The NDP leader says his caucus is prepared to “withhold votes” if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presses ahead with legislation it does not agree with.

Speaking at a news conference, Singh revealed that Trudeau, who failed to get a majority at the election, has not reached out to discuss co-operation with the NDP in Parliament or to negotiate.

He says Trudeau could show his interest in working together by moving forward with policies the NDP is pushing for, such as clean drinking water for Indigenous communities and affordable housing.

Singh says the NDP would even be prepared to withhold votes on the government’s budget if it contains measures he does not believe will help Canadians.

Singh made the remarks after the NDP’s first caucus meeting since the election and he says a review of the party’s campaign would look at whether the party should have done more canvassing on the ground.