MP leaves caucus

The Canadian Press

Calgary MP Darshan Kang resigned late yesterday from the Liberal caucus after sexual harassment allegations from a second woman became public.
In a written statement, Kang said he’s leaving the governing party’s caucus because “I wish to focus my efforts at this time on clearing my name.”
The statement was issued shortly after The Hill Times reported that a woman who worked in Kang’s constituency office when he was a member of the Alberta legislature has come forward alleging that Kang sexually harassed her.
The woman alleged in an interview with the parliamentary precinct media outlet that Kang grabbed her breasts, among other inappropriate behaviour, and would not desist in the harassment despite repeatedly being asked to stop.
Kang, who was elected federally in 2015, already is under investigation after a young woman who worked in his federal constituency office complained in June of sexual harassment.
The woman’s father told the Toronto Star earlier this week that Kang allegedly offered the staffer as much as $100,000 if she didn’t tell her parents about the harassment.
The Star cited the woman’s father, who was not named, alleging that Kang repeatedly harassed his daughter over a period of four or five years.
Kang vehemently has denied those allegations and has vowed to defend his reputation “at all costs.”
His statement yesterday made no specific mention of the second set of allegations.
He later responded to an e-mail for clarification saying his statement “covers all angles.”
In his statement, Kang said he’s informed Liberal whip Pablo Rodriquez of his resignation from caucus.
“I appreciate that Parliament has provided for due process and a fair and objective policy for resolving this matter,” he noted.
“I also very much appreciate that I am being provided an opportunity to provide my perspective to the independent investigator of the chief human resources officer of Parliament,” he added.
“However, I do not want my present circumstances to further distract from the good work carried out by my colleagues in government.”