More koi make meals for evasive B.C. otter

The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER–An opportunistic otter that is preying on koi in a unique downtown Vancouver garden has eaten at least three more of the large fish and continues to evade efforts to trap and remove it.
The Vancouver Park Board confirmed on social media that the otter, which moved into the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden just over a week ago, still is on the loose and several more of the garden’s 14 prized koi have disappeared since Friday.
It’s now estimated that 10 of the valuable fish, prized for their longevity, size, and unique markings, have been eaten.
Park spokeswoman Debbie Cheung said not only has the otter evaded capture, it also appears to have snatched the bait put in traps.
She noted the salmon, tuna, and chicken were gone from one of the traps when staff arrived Thursday morning,
Over the weekend, park board staff tried to remove the remaining koi from the network of ponds in the garden at the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown district but only were able to capture one.
The park board said it’s now being cared for at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Further information is expected to be released about attempts to snare and relocate the otter to the Fraser Valley.