Legion bans hate groups

The Canadian Press

The Royal Canadian Legion says its leaders have approved a new policy that prohibits its branches from affiliating with groups that promote hatred.
Last month, the legion’s Dominion Command said it would take action to prevent a repeat of an incident where the anti-immigration group Soldiers of Odin held an Easter dinner at a legion in Grande Prairie, Alta.
The new policy that was posted to its website last week states the veterans’ organization “does not support or tolerate any group or organization whose views or actions are contrary to our values and those of our country.”
It further states that no branch or command within the legion may affiliate with groups that promote or are known to promote hatred or violence due to ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other social determinant.
The legion says the policy follows “a history of incidents involving groups whose core beliefs or actions were not in alignment with legion and Canadian values.”
The policy also prohibits the legion’s support of groups affiliated with organizations that espouse hostility.
It says legion leaders and members must use their best judgement to ensure compliance, and that the ultimate word on what constitutes a prohibited group lies with Dominion Command.