Gould back in cabinet

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Justin Trudeau adopted a new junior cabinet minister of sorts today as he welcomed the return of Karina Gould to his inner circle.
Gould brought her new baby, Oliver, to work with her as she resumed her duties as democratic institutions minister for the first time since giving birth in March.
The prime minister met Gould as she waited to enter the weekly cabinet meeting, swooped the baby onto his shoulder, and made a quick dash into his corner office, followed by Gould and several other people.
Gould is the first federal cabinet minister to have a baby while in office, and her sudden return could put her work-life balancing skills to the test.
The Trudeau government is pressing ahead today with plans to fast-track a bill that would limit the length of federal election campaigns, restrict pre-campaign spending, and establish new rules for third-party political activity.
The minister said she is up to the task.
“Being a cabinet minister is good training for being an early parent,” Gould said when asked whether she was getting sleep as a new mom.
Treasury Board president Scott Brison introduced the electoral reform proposals last month as he was filling in for Gould.
Trudeau formally welcomed Gould back to her portfolio in a statement.
“She now joins the many Canadian parents who work hard every day to balance their professional and parental responsibilities,” he noted.