Former MP wants action on drug law

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–Former Conservative MP Terence Young is calling for federal Health minister Jane Philpott to intervene in her department’s handling of a law that bears his daughter’s name.
Young said a robust drug safety bill–named Vanessa’s Law–cleared the House of Commons and Senate without dissent, but he believes Health Canada quietly is diluting its powers in the development of related regulations.
He points to two consultation guidance documents posted by the department this summer as evidence of this.
The former Ontario MP has advocated for improved drug safety laws for years since his 15-year old daughter died after taking medication to treat a mild form of an eating disorder.
Health Canada said it is consulting on regulations for Vanessa’s Law, and is working to follow the intent of Parliament and focus on patient care.
Both the Conservatives and the NDP want Philpott to closely examine whether the department is attempting to water down protections in the law.