Ford pledges inquiry into spending

The Canadian Press

TORONTO–Doug Ford says that if elected premier of Ontario this spring, he’ll call a commission of inquiry into government spending on top of the full audit he’s already promised.
The Progressive Conservative leader made the announcement a day after Ontario’s auditor general reported the Liberal government had understated the province’s deficit by billions.
The Liberals attribute the $5-billion discrepancy to an accounting dispute related to calculations surrounding the Fair Hydro Plan and pension expenses.
Ford says that while he trusts the auditor general’s report, he does not believe it gives a complete picture of government spending and accounting practices.
He could not say how much his proposed inquiry would cost.
So far, Ford has not given a price for any of his policy announcements.
He also pledged to bring the budget back to balance if the Tories form government, but said it would not happen in the first year.