Deadline today for $10-a-day program

The Canadian Press

The deadline for child-care operators in Ontario to opt-in to the national $10-a-day program is today.

Ontario extended the deadline from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1 to allow operators more time sign up for the program, which will reduce child care fees for parents.

About 85 per cent of operators had opted in to the program as of Friday. 

Many child-care operators, particularly for-profit ones, have said they want to sign up in order to issue rebates to parents, but are hesitant about the implications to their businesses.

The Ministry of Education sent a memo to licensed child-care providers earlier this month saying a “revenue replacement” model would continue for 2023 — which means that once parents see their fees cut in half at the end of this year, operators will receive that amount from the government to make them whole.

Some operators have said they need details on funding beyond next year in order to assess stability and predictability.

Most other provinces ultimately saw well over 90 per cent of eligible providers opt in.