Clerk defies would-be thieves

The Canadian Press

CALGARY–Heart-pounding security footage of a violent robbery at a Calgary convenience store captured a fearless clerk trading blows with a man and women armed with what appears to be a tire iron and pick axe.
The clerk, who was identified by the store’s owner only as Sunny, managed to barricade the pair inside the store before detaining one suspect in the parking lot until police arrived.
A Plus 1 convenience store owner Asif Mohammed told CTV Calgary he chose to allow the harrowing video to be posted online to let criminals know his business is not an easy target.
The video shows a man and women wearing disguises entering the store just before 5 a.m. on Aug. 17.
The man, dressed in a blue jump suit with yellow reflective stripes and a black ski mask, pointed at Sunny and appeared to confront him behind the counter while brandishing a weapon.
The woman, who concealed her face with a bandana and sunglasses, appeared to start stuffing cigarette packs into a duffel bag.
With his back against the wall, Sunny is seen holding up his hands in what appears to be an attempt to negotiate with the masked man.
Mohammed said the pair told Sunny to lie on the floor and the situation turned violent when he refused.
Sunny then made a move for the man’s weapon, removing his mask in the struggle.
In the video, the woman produced what appears to be a tire iron from her bag. Sunny grabbed that, as well, prompting the woman to begin kicking him in the head.
He briefly grappled with both the man and the woman at the same time before running out of the store’s front door.
Sunny tried to lock them inside before dragging a bench, and what appears to be a display of washer fluid, in front of the exit to block their escape.
The pair appeared to continue to grab cigarettes, lighters, lotto tickets, and other items from behind the counter.
They tried to leave through the front door, but briefly were kept at bay by Sunny’s hurling of large blue plastic jugs.
Then the brawl spilled outside.
Mohammad said Sunny happened to be on the phone with staff at another one of his stores at the time of the robbery.
The other clerk hung up the phone, locked his store, and raced to the scene to help while multiple calls to 9-1-1 were placed by neighbours.
The video jumps ahead to 5:14 a.m. when police cruisers are seen in the parking lot.
Police have arrested two suspects.
Mohammed said he is proud of how Sunny handled the situation, and confirmed he is back at work after taking a few days off.
“He is the hero because he caught the robber and he didn’t get [seriously] hurt,” he said.
“If somebody says they are going to rob you, [we] say‚ ‘Take whatever you guys want. Take the whole store.’
“We don’t care,” Mohammed added. “I care about my employees.”