Canadian zoo saves snake-bitten woman

The Canadian Press

PETERBOROUGH, Ont.–A woman who was bitten by a snake while on a trip to Thailand was treated in Ontario after the symptoms returned, said the reptile zoo founder who provided the antivenin.
Bry Loyst of Indian River Reptile Zoo, just east of Peterborough, said he was contacted by provincial police and hospital staff in Kitchener on Friday to provide the antidote to the woman.
He said he was told by the hospital that she had been bitten by a Malayan pit viper, a venomous snake common in Thailand, about a week ago.
“She was bit by the viper in the foot,” said Loyst. “About seven days after the bite, she checked into emergency and was in serious condition.”
He said staff told him the woman received antivenin at a hospital in Thailand, but the symptoms returned when she came back to Canada.
He said officers picked up six vials of antivenin, which Loyst packed in a cooler, and rushed them to hospital.
“Police raced them off during rush hour to get to Kitchener,” said Loyst.
Loyst said this isn’t the first time his zoo has been contacted for antivenin–he’s provided it about seven times over the past decade for victims of snake bites.

“We’ve been contacted before for all different types of scenarios,” said Loyst, including a man he said was bitten in the face by his pet viper.