A list of those who have served as Canada’s governor general since Confederation

OTTAWA – Mary Simon will soon become the 30th person to serve as Canada’s governor general – the first Indigenous person to serve in the role.

The position has been has been held by a wide variety of people, from British nobles to military leaders to humanitarian advocates.

Here is a list of all those who have served in the viceregal role since Confederation:

Viscount Monck: 1861-1868

Lord Lisgar: 1868-1872

Earl of Dufferin: 1872-1878

Duke of Argyll: 1878-1883

Marquess of Lansdowne: 1883-1888

Earl of Derby: 1888-1893

Earl of Aberdeen: 1893-1898

Earl of Minto: 1898-1904

Earl Grey: 1904-1911

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught: 1911-1916

Duke of Devonshire: 1916-1921

Lord Byng: 1921-1926

Viscount Willingdon: 1926-1931

Earl of Bessborough: 1931-1935

Lord Tweedsmuir: 1935-1940

Earl of Athlone: 1940-1946

Viscount Alexander: 1946-1952

Vincent Massey: 1952-1959

Georges Vanier: 1959-1967

Roland Michener: 1967-1974

Jules Leger: 1974-1979

Edward Schreyer: 1979-1984

Jeanne Sauve: 1984-1990

Ramon Hnatyshyn: 1990-1995

Romeo LeBlanc – 1995-1999

Adrienne Clarkson – 1999-2005

Michaelle Jean – 2005-2010

David Johnston – 2010-2017

Julie Payette – 2017-2021