‘Cabin nap’ among summer highlights

Here’s the secret to getting the perfect nap at the cabin on a warm and breezy day.
First, prepare by soaking up some simple wonders. Right now you can marvel at the pyrola and spotted jewelweed–such elegantly tiny flowers.
The fireweed and swamp milkweed also are fresh in bloom.
Then listen to the sounds of the season. This week the warblers are still bubbling out their songs and the thrushes are still fluting.
By whatever method, devour as much sensory sweetness as you can. You should start to feel dreamy.
Then lounge in a chair and wrap yourself in the warm breeze. This is what July afternoons are all about.
Aspen leaves are whispering lullabies and the waves are gently lapping in a way that soothes the skin and silences the mind.
Relax your muscles as every breath of warm air pumps blood to the bare bottoms of your feet.
Then as you start to melt into a warm drowsiness, escape the light and retreat to the shady indoors.
You’ll find that classic pile of cabin reading materials—timeless Archie and Jughead comics, Reader’s Digests about inspirational stories, and sweet musty-paged novels about faraway places.
Sink down with your book. Maybe you’ll solve a mystery in some exotic land or you’ll escape to visit hobbits.
It doesn’t matter because before long, you’ll float into an effortless world of rejuvenation.
The sleep is deep. When you finally open your eyes, the view out your cabin window is joyfully shiny and new. Walking into the blue light is like stepping into a perfect painting.
You’re well-rested now.
Surely the “cabin nap” on a warm July afternoon is one of the most glorious highlights of summer.

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