Bridge sale creating big media buzz

It is not often that a bridge comes up for sale, but our international bridge is bringing notoriety. “Psst, want to buy a bridge” is being asked across North America.
Newspapers, radio, and television are having fun with the bridge sale.
Bill Naturkach, the former CEO for the Town of Fort Frances, was listening to a CBS news program from Chicago as he travelled north through Iowa on his way home when the announcer closed out his segment with the question “Want to buy a bridge.”
The radio news anchor then went into a full spiel of the sale.
The segment immediately preceding the question was related to the U.S. selling its ports to a Middle Eastern company.
A similar piece popped up in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis about a week ago. Clearly, our international bridge is drawing lots of attention to our area.
We’re not the only area selling bridges. In New York, the city is looking to sell all of its bridges to the island to private operators. They have been paid for and now the city would like some cash—and the bridges look like a good investment.
Those potential sales of toll bridges in and out of New York are creating similar forums of discussion about why the city would lease its bridges and toll ways to a private operator rather than hold them in public hands.
In our neck of the woods, the debate is how do we get the international bridge at Fort Frances into the public trust and move it away from the private for-profit hands in which it currently resides.
If you go to the web, the most common type of bridges for sale are used “Bailey Bridges” for highways, followed by Ethernet bridges. They are not as much fun as a real big international bridge.
Until the bridge actually is sold, it might be worth our while to put a big “For Sale” sign on either end so we could turn it into an attraction where tourists could stop and get their pictures taken.
After all, we can turn that “Psst, want to buy a bridge?” into fun. And maybe the sign shouldn’t just say “Bridge for sale.”
I doubt they will ever get another chance to have to sell a bridge and make it a tourist attraction again.

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