Bouquets to OPP officers

I had a phone call early Saturday morning from a nice lady in Blackhawk, who was calling to see if I could mention in my column her appreciation to the nice OPP officer who helped her navigate home from a Bingo recently.
I guess she was having trouble seeing, as it was raining heavily, and the OPP offered to guide her home.
She was very thankful and thought it would be nice if I could mention this.
This worked out great for me, as well. You see, I had the duty of dropping off my boyfriend/partner’s fur, as well as that of his friends, with the fur truck the other day. Of course, I was busy at the station–and darn near forgot (even though I had a huge fluorescent reminder pasted on my computer!)
Luckily, I remembered at 1:20 p.m. and headed straight to the Emo Inn, where the truck was supposed to be from 1:15-1:30. Alas, I arrived to find the truck gone!
I ran into the Emo Inn and the clerk thought she had seen him leave. I then called back to work to be sure my note had these times listed.
I called two other trappers to see what way the truck would be headed. I also tried to get a hold of my boyfriend/partner, but they were in a meeting in Kenora.
All stressful and in a panic, I was pretty sure the fur truck would head east so I decided to try and catch it. Of course, I was going fast to be sure that I wouldn’t miss it again!
You guessed it, I got stopped. And, yes, I was going way too fast!
Thankfully, I had a very nice, understanding OPP officer, who told me to slow down and let me continue on. I was so appreciative; it just wouldn’t have been very fun to get a ticket that would have been worth more than the fur I was trying to ship.
Thankfully, I did catch the fur truck at the Adventure Inn parking lot in Fort Frances and all was well in my world.
• • •
I had to do an aunt duty this past week when Maddie’s nursery school class was visiting Willow-Mor Farms, owned by Tom and Shirley Morrish. Her parents were unable to go, so Auntie Kimmie had to accompany her.
It was great to see a bunch of little kids all so excited to see animals. Tom and Shirley had their animals penned up close so the kids got a close look/touch at sheep, rabbits, a turkey, chickens, pot belly pigs, horses, goats, and dogs.
There also was a great wagon ride through the cows, who currently are calving.
The Morrishes have a beautiful set-up and it is well worth a visit. Shirley served the kids juice and cookies, and while enjoying their snacks, they were invited to hit the trails in their “enchanted forest” behind the house.
I heard one little girl asking her friend to “come and see the magical dinosaur egg!”
Shirley and Tom have done a great job of putting together a very exciting country experience.
• • •
We are still planting here at the ag research station. We are planting carrots and lettuce this year, and are hoping to get that seed in the ground this week.
We still haven’t figured out how we will be able to keep deer and groundhogs out of these plots, but are hoping we might have some veggies to contribute to the local food box program down the road.
We are expecting our soybean seed this week, and are still waiting the seed for our bio-mass perennial grass trial.
With the great weather over the weekend, we saw the pasture trials jump up so we’ll likely be planning to harvest these once all the seed is in the ground.
• • •
I got a new addition to family of pets this weekend. My cousin, who is a vet at the Humane Society in Winnipeg, told me last weekend about a very cute rabbit that had just come in.
I have a favourite colour for a rabbit–I like them to be chocolate brown. My vet cousin explained that this was a chocolate/lop/dwarf bunny and I decided that she might as well come and live with me.
She wasn’t able to come until she was spayed and I passed the police check. I needed to find a ride home for her, as well.
I knew that my boyfriend/partner’s son had a school trip into Winnipeg on Monday (May 25), so I asked him to ask his teacher if they were travelling the American or Canadian way (he was horrified!)
I also called to see if she could cross the border, but CFIA didn’t want to touch that one.
It ended up that some nice neighbours were going into Winnipeg for a wedding and they agreed to bring her home. She arrived in Rainy River District on Sunday.
I thought I’d better take her up to meet the nieces so once I finished up my chores, I took her in to Fort Frances to see “M & M.” I asked Maddie what we should name her and she thought Auntie Kimmie would be a nice name, but we agreed on “Moka.”
So I now have two rabbits, both adopted and both fixed, so I don’t need to worry about our rabbit family expanding too much.
• • •
Once again, the district 4-H’ers will be working at the Emo Walleye Classic serving the prime rib dinner on Saturday night (May 30) at the Emo-La Vallee Community Centre from 5-7 p.m.
If you would like to enjoy a great beef dinner, come on over! Just remember we have sold out the past few years so please be sure to get your tickets early!

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