‘Boomerang Days’ not entertaining!

My latest “boomerang day” began very early Friday with an ominous phone call!
I call my bad days boomerangs after the Australian hunting weapon. This is a flat stick for throwing and quite deadly, being designed with such a curve it can return straight at the thrower—and hit him!
Well, last Friday kept hitting me in the face! It brought one problem after another. Before long, I had lost the sale of my farm, which a sales lady seemed to be making until it turned out there could not be a cheque.
My own cash ran out the same day, with the bank closed.
So then my wristwatch band broke when it caught on my coat cuff. My exasperation is probably starting to show by now, but not to worry! The day is still young enough for lots more to go wrong, which it does!
Including the TV, which quits while I search for the war news and the latest gasoline price.
Talk about woes and I’m up to my armpits in them! Meanwhile, the whole world seems to be collapsing—and I can’t keep up any more, which is a sick feeling, believe me!
No, it didn’t snow at all that day to give me a chance to break the handle off the snow shovel, and somehow my old truck stayed on the road. So I should be grateful because other people seem to be available when needed.
But why should everyone else be needed all at once!
There’s absolutely no need for all those tax bills piling up on my doorstep while my boomerang days keep coming.
This old kangaroo already has been hit too often as my Australian curse keeps me company! I never yet learned to duck!
There’s much more to this story, but go have your own boomerang days!
Then there’s my spectacles, which never got back to me from my optometrist while my editor thinks I’m writing this maybe in Chinese because my typewriter quit, too! And on and on!
But try to hold back that war, anyway, please! Because there could be civil war right here if gas prices continue climbing!
• • •
You could say the politicians are circling. From Ottawa comes Sheila Copps any day now. She gave me a good visit at the Times during the last Liberal leadership contest back in 1990 (including some fresh personal information) and I suspect she’s after Chrétien’s scalp again. Sheila makes a refreshing candidate at that.
• • •
While everyone wonders about another mercantile development called Wal-Mart, not yet on the Fort Frances scene, that new Loney’s store in Emo probably will be the real show-stopper in this area.
• • •
Roma Madill is proud of all the space taken in the latest “exercise” magazine by her body-builder son, Brock. This is a book full of so many and largely muscled young men that the average local youth might feel quite insignificant in comparison.
And our guy Brock looks as good as any pictured there because he was a champion!
• • •
Nick or “Chief” Badiuk, who is among our town’s octagenarians now, has memories of how much cement it took for many hundreds of wheelbarrows to build the La Vallee bridge when he was much younger and made daily trips out there for months!
Travel back and forth to town in those days was aboard a Model T.
• • •
Devlin families are putting their earliest memories together in a history book as their township’s centennial is coming up in 2004. Well-known teacher, Fred Carmody, is a member of the committee in charge.
• • •
A large and excellent photo of our Second World War soldiers in the 17th Forestry Corps probably hung for years in an unlocked back room of the long abandoned Devlin schoolhouse on River Road.
I ventured inside once and recently told Henry Kaemingh about it, but when Henry went there just the other day, that big picture was missing. It would have been appreciated in the book of Devlin history, although those soldiers went over from every corner of this district.
• • •
Ron Kloosterman, one of our “Christmas twins,” has returned from a three-week vacation in his native Holland, having rejoined his “twin” and laughing partner, Bob Ward, at their Saturday coffee sessions in the A & W.
Smokey Kawulia has enrolled in that august group, having given up on his Chrétien impersonations.

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