Big walleye was perfect birthday gift

Last week when I recounted the surprise birthday party for my boyfriend/partner, I forgot to mention one of his very special gifts (even though I said no gifts).
Bradley Teeple had been fishing all day with Grandpa Al and Grandma Shirley, and he caught himself a big walleye. Needless to say, he was pumped!
He brought it home in a cooler and surprised my boyfriend/partner with a walleye for his birthday. They were both excited.
Bradley only had one request: he just wants to be invited over for supper the night we cook his fish.
So in the next week or so, we’re going to have a special supper guest.
• • •
It is wet so we struggled getting much work done again out at the ag research station in Emo, but finally most all of our seed and special treatments have arrived.
Unfortunately, it looks like the week ahead is going to be a very wet one, so we will be lucky if we find ourselves finished before the middle of the month.
The worst part is, most of our forages are ready to cut and we put off starting to cut them before we are done the first stage (seeding), which means forage quality decreases, as well.
Some days I wonder if I should have a job that doesn’t depend on the weather so much.
I did have a pleasant surprise this week when I found a few of our Miscanthus plants had survived the winter and were beginning to grow! We have a large trial yet to plant of this, as well, and it sounds like it will all be arriving this week.
• • •
I finally had a free evening and I was able to vaccinate all my calves that were staying home to pasture for the summer, then let them and their moms out for green grass.
Talk about a happy bunch of cattle!
Since things went so well that evening, I was just about to tackle some of the other jobs on my list (I was having a baby shower Friday night, and then Maddie & Marlee’s big farm birthday party on the weekend), but my friend called and needed a load of calves hauled.
I didn’t know what to say—the reason being I wasn’t using my cattle trailer since my phoebe birds hadn’t left their nest yet (they nest yearly in the goose neck of the trailer).
I tried to tell him no but I felt guilty, so I removed the nest and thought I had secured them in a safe place for a few hours. Alas, thought being the key work as it turned out my cat ended up getting two of the five babies.
I was so upset.
I was able to get the other three and their nest back in position, and I was hoping they would be flying by Sunday so I could haul my own cattle.
• • •
We had a successful meet-and-greet on Friday night for my vet cousin, Stacey, and her new little boy, Callen. He is growing fast and will be ready to farm next summer.
It was a nice evening of visiting and adorable baby gifts!
Callen is staying all week so he can get some quality spoiling time in with his grandpa and grandma in Blackhawk.
Meanwhile, Saturday was the big birthday party! We were so lucky that the weather actually held off and we were able to enjoy all our farm events.
We had Maddie’s favourite cows in Darma and Cale, and Cale’s mother, Cindee. Alex the horse gave rides to everyone except maybe two kids. And the new playhouse was a huge hit.
Mocha the bunny was towed around on a leash until she needed to rest.
My boyfriend/partner successfully managed to drive about 40 people on the hay wagon across a very wet pasture (very close to being very stuck) to a nice bonfire, where we roasted wieners and marshmallows. The kids found so many exciting treasures, as well as spiders and even a dinosaur bone!
We think the party seemed to be a hit and we think everyone went home tired! Maddie and Marlee were pleased to show their friends all the fun things we get to do in the country!
• • •
My only disappointment of the past week was the fact I didn’t have time, or it was too wet, to get my grass cut yet again! When I retire, my lawn is going to be perfect.
I ended my week by getting the rest of my cows hauled to pasture! It was successful, and the best part was my birds could fly!

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