Beware of scam

From the OPP

A telephone scam has resurfaced in Rainy River District.
Recently, individuals have received telephone calls similar to the “Emergency or Grandparent Scam” that has occurred in the past throughout Canada and the U.S.
In the typical scenario, a grandparent or elder receives a phone call from a con artist claiming to be one of his or her grandchildren or other relative.
The caller goes on to say they are in some kind of trouble and need assistance—and money—immediately.
Typically, they claim of being in a car accident or trouble returning from a distant location, or they need bail money.
Locally, the male caller is identifying himself as being from Quebec area.
He is asking for the victim to wire money through Western Union.
The OPP can confirm this is a telephone scam and to use caution.
As this scam is directed toward older adults, the OPP asks that family with older adults, and those organizations that work with seniors, to discuss what scams are occurring to make everyone aware such frauds do exists.
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