Beauty of fall weekend was breath-taking

Saturday dawned clear and warm. Marnie was preparing materials to use this coming weekend at Doe Lake, an Ontario Girl Guide camp south of North Bay, where she’ll be providing training to about 100 Guiders from across the province.
Marnie focuses on having the guiders do a lot of hands-on learning. And that normally means a great deal of preparation. As a I write this column, there are hundreds of different kits now floating around the house waiting to be packed and brought to Doe Lake.
We had made a deal. I am her support worker, often enlisted to help her put together her materials. We have both been travelling a great deal and had agreed that we were going to get away together this weekend.
We agreed that if we both worked Friday and all day Saturday, we would sneak away for a couple of days.
With Saturday such a beautiful day, shortly after noon I slipped away and headed to the cabin to bring down a few items. I left her working on her kits.
I had the better of the afternoons. I was able to be on the lake. I trolled most of the way back to the dock from the cabin. I didn’t really want to catch any fish, but I also didn’t want to miss out on the day.
On a calm day and motoring along at a slow 1 m.p.h., you get to see so many things that you pass by in haste. I trolled at a speed that a person kayaking would pass me by.
I passed by a mud turtle sunning itself at the end of the season up on a sloping rock. A little farther along, I wondered if the vibrant red maple growing close to the shore might mark a home for a bass next summer.
The water close to shore was covered with a “spring green colour” vegetation. It looked like miniature needles and farther out from shore the green seemed to suspend throughout the water column.
I don’t ever recall seeing this green covering in the fall of the year.
The beavers around the lake have been building up their rafts of branches for the winter. Fishermen were out on the humps in the middle of the lake, chasing the walleye that are schooling up around the rock structures for the winter.
I suspect that they were there Sunday and Monday, as well.
Marnie and I did get all those kits finished late Saturday night and so Sunday morning, we stole our way across to the north shore of Lake Superior via Ely. Sunday and Monday were as beautiful on the north shore as was the weekend here in Fort Frances.
We travelled through the golden, winding pathways across northern Minnesota both ways. Coming down Highway 1, you could look right across Superior to the peninsula of land jutting out into the lake from northern Michigan.
The leaves ran from yellow to gold to orange, to red and to brown, marked by the distinct greens of white pines. The spectrum of the fall leaf colours was breath-taking.

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