Bear perches in pear tree

The Canadian Press

CHILLIWACK, B.C.—A yearling black bear has settled into a tree in Chilliwack, B.C. and won’t budge.
Residents of the Fraser Valley community have alerted conservation officers after spotting the bear high in the branches of a pear tree about 100 km east of Vancouver.
The little bruin is believed to have been in the tree for several weeks—munching on the abundance of fruit.
There’s concern it might be stuck more than a dozen metres off the ground and conservation officers agree it is too high to safely bring down with a tranquilizer dart.
Other observers say the creature, dubbed “Pear Bear,” comes down at night to feast on fallen fruit, then returns to its perch in the morning.
It is shy of humans and is not believed to be a threat to the public.
But a trap has been set nearby in hopes of capturing the bear so it can be relocated before winter.