Be careful around fireworks

July 1 and July 4 are soon approaching. It is a time when we celebrate Canada Day and our American friends celebrate Independence Day.
One of the main attractions is to watch the public fireworks display. But it is important to attend only public displays where trained people operate the fireworks properly.
Why? Fireworks are pretty to look at, but are extremely dangerous and result in many deaths and injuries each year in Canada and the United States!
Legal or not, fireworks are too risky for amateurs. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), permanent scarring, loss of vision, and dismemberment too often are the harsh realities of amateur fireworks use.
The NFPA urges everyone to treat fireworks, whether legal or illegal for consumers, as suitable only for use by trained professionals.
In recent years, fireworks have been one of the leading causes of injuries serious enough to require hospital emergency room treatments. Serious injuries each year typically harm the eyes, head, or hands, and mostly are reported in areas where fireworks are legal.
Even sparklers, which are considered by many to be harmless, can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees F.
We all must realize there are no safe fireworks. Along with the many deaths and injuries from fireworks, thousands of fires are started! Protect yourself and the outdoors —do not use fireworks!
Remember, if you never need what you learn about personal safety, you have lost nothing. But if you never learn what you need, you may lose everything . . . your family and your life!
Safety—it starts with you!
Tyler J. Moffitt is a first aid instructor, and served 15 years as a volunteer firefighter and emergency responder.

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