Bass Fishin’

It’s Monday morning of “Bass Week” in Fort Frances. The temperature overnight had plummeted down to 19 C.
Mark Fisher had just launched his boat and it’s only 6:15 a.m. He is not the earliest to launch, but I have to chuckle. A sticker on his SUV, in big bold black letters, reads, “Take a fish boating.”
Some 680 bass have the potential to be offered a boat ride each day during the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, which runs tomorrow (Thursday) through Saturday.
And if they get the ride to town, they’ll also get a ride back to their body of water.
Early Sunday morning, the launching of boats at the Sorting Gap Marina here was fast and furious as anglers were getting ready to pick up their young partners for the annual “Kid-Pro” tournament.
It was a little slower on Monday morning. The fishermen all seem to be taking a little longer having breakfast and getting started.
Sunday was a wild day on the lake. The youngsters in the “Kid-Pro” all got a roller coaster ride on the way back to the marina because the wind came from the south and there really wasn’t anywhere to hide from it.
Even the seasoned pros were talking about the size of the waves, which reached five-foot crests.
The kids and the anglers all came back pumped from the experiences of the day. The heat of the day produced some fun times for the anglers. More than one child got to dive off the boat to cool off—and more than one angler joined in.
On Sunday evening, three young groups were showcased during the first-ever “Battle of the Teenage Bands” and had the crowd cheering and applauding.
The contest was a real winner, and the three young bands all were winners. It was a fun evening as even parents and grandparents got into the spirit and excitement of the music.
Anglers will be getting more serious about their fishing this week and almost every team was on the water Monday morning for pre-fishing.
The break in the weather Monday was appreciated by everyone. The fishermen have been well toasted on the water and the volunteers working at the tournament site have withstood extreme temperatures.
With the first full day of activities starting on Sunday, the site and tent had to be prepared quicker than ever before. Volunteers got the job done in record time and must be commended.

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