Baby lambs finally get names

Well, it looks like the baby lambs are going to be named “Salt” and “Pepper.”
Actually, the one that looks the most like pepper is called “Salt.”
They really have grown a lot in a week, but they seem to be more sensitive than a calf. I banded their tails and him (so he becomes an it) and they seemed to actually feel it.
I had to leave the barn for a while or I likely would have cut the rubber bands off. Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt long and it is the recommended way of docking tails and castrating.
If the weather would co-operate, I would like to move them back out to their outside area. But I am waiting for nicer weather.
They will be fun to watch outside as they are very happy, playful little things. They have had lots of company and seem to quite enjoy all the attention.
In fact, Maddie and Marlee will be spending the Easter weekend in the country, so “Salt” and “Pepper” will have lots of attention.
I’m hoping for nice weather so we also can have an outdoor Easter egg hunt.
• • •
?The recent wet weather has resulted in some road detours for me. Last Monday morning, I had to drive out to Devlin to be able to get to Emo (the road had washed out to the east and south of me).
Luckily, I was able to go back south by last Tuesday but the large washout on the east end of the Kingsford/Dance Road wasn’t fixed until Friday.
I was happy that is was repaired in time for me to haul my load of cattle to Stratton.
• • •
We had a very big cattle sale on Saturday, with 1,633 animals sold for nearly $1.5 million.
Of course, the snowy weather created havoc. Messy pens and difficultly keeping water thawed was a result of the winter-like conditions.
Luckily, we have tough, hardy staff that managed to keep things under control to the best of their ability.
Prices have improved, so I think most farmers will be pleased with their earnings.
• • •
A reminder the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture will be holding its annual spring dinner on Saturday, April 30 in Stratton.
Socializing will begin at 6:30 p.m., with Daniel Betz from the Manitoba Co-operator invited to be the guest speaker.
Tickets can be purchased from any RRFA director (contact Bernie Zimmerman or Linda Armstrong for more info).
• • •
The Rainy River District Stewardship Committee has its annual tree sale coming up.
We have pre-booked white spruce and red pine trees, which come in bundles of 20 with the cost being $5 per bundle.
Please book your trees with either me or Jeff Johnston at 274-6210.
They will be in sometime in early May, so watch the newspaper for the pick-up date.

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