Auxiliary to hold Easter ‘lobby sale’

Press Release

The La Verendrye Hospital executive held its regular monthly meeting March 6 in the conference room.
Plans are underway to hold an “Easter Lobby Sale” on Thursday, March 29 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
E-mails and phone calls will be made to members calling for Easter baking, breads, and buns, as well as craft items and gently-used Easter items.
Please bring these to the hospital lobby by 10 a.m. on March 29.
The March newsletter has gone out through e-mails and the response has been very good.
If you wish to receive the newsletter via e-mail, contact Marnie Cumming at 274-3368.
President Judy Webster announced the auxiliary will be receiving funding through the HAAO Education Grant to attend the spring conference April 28-29 in Thunder Bay.
Four members have expressed interest in attending.
Dixie Badiuk, meanwhile, is gearing up for the annual “Rock’n for a Reason” fundraiser, which once again will be held in conjunction with the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce’s trade show coming up April 28-29.
A new letter has been developed to entice donations. There also is a need for auxiliary members to get pledges and to rock.
Let’s make this the best year yet. Pledge sheets can be picked up from Dixie while letters will be in the mail.
As well, the annual “Strawberry Social” in June will be co-chaired by Joy Lockman, Bev Bond and Dianne Hoffman this year.
In other news, the nominating committee met and all positions have been filled except for the gift shop.
Monica Sus has declined to be director of the shop for next year as she is very busy with other commitments.
Anyone wishing to take this position is encouraged to contact Judy Webster at 274-3190.
There was a review of some membership policies, which will be brought to the membership at the annual general meeting in June.
The major change is that memberships will go from Sept. 1-Aug. 31 as this is our “working” year.
The purchase of vests to clarify identification of members at events continues to be discussed.
Various styles have been examined and pricing is being reviewed.
In the meantime, workers are encouraged to use the smocks in the gift shop and at other events, as well as name tags.
Finally, June Keddie reported the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s luncheon will take place on Sunday, April 29 this year.
The theme is “Mama Needs to Relax.”
Keddie also advised that a new Foundation director has been hired.