Another Christmas has come, gone

Whew! Another Christmas has come and gone.
That’s another thing that always bothers me. You work so hard to prepare (i.e., shop) and it’s all over so quickly! Maybe the people who drag it out over a few days are smarter.
And how about that weather? I did feel bad for those who were trying to travel long distances and it sounds like many of them barely are getting to their destinations even now.
We did venture off to Stratton for lunch and then trekked back to my place for supper. We had 30 people!
My cousin, Tanis, and her husband, Vaughn, were here all the way from Toronto but they weren’t impressed with the drive out here to the bush! It actually wasn’t that bad but when you’re not use to driving on our style of roads, it would seem pretty crazy.
Never mind the trip to the country likely seems forever–and you end up deep in the woods!
We have driven in much worse, but we really could have done without the freezing rain on Christmas Day (all that did was make the drifts hard when you hit them).
Thanks to all the “roads” people that likely left their family and Christmas plans to get things cleaned up and moving along again!
Some jobs just don’t allow you to actually take the day off–even if it is Christmas!
• • •
On Christmas Eve, my mom and I ventured out to the Emo Cemetery to help the Zimmerman family light the ice candles!
Thanks so much to Debbie and Ted for taking that job on every year!
I understand “Lyle” is very busy for quite some time prior to this freezing the candles (thank you to him, as well).
This year, Debbie was joined by her grand-twins, who toughed it out pretty darn good for only being 15 months old! I understand that not everyone is able to help with that, but like many jobs, many hands make a smaller job.
Of course, the additional snow made things go a bit slower. But when it was all said and done, the cemetery looked beautiful as we drove away.
This is another thing you should put on your list of things to do–take a drive by the cemetery on Christmas Eve. It looks breathtaking.
• • •
My cows ventured home Christmas morning and looked disgusted with the weather, so I gave them a Christmas present by allowing them to huddle up in the shed.
The snow was up to their bellies in many places.
They have quite a distance to come home for water, but I like them away from the yard for as long as I possibly can. I do notice that not all of them come for water (some of the tough old girls seem to think snow is fine).
I likely will move them into the yard in about a month–unless the snow continues and it is too hard to feed. I need to have them in for calving, which should start around the 10th of February.
The calves were happy to have me go out and make a few tractor tire trails for them. It made their job of coming for grain and water a little less of workout with some trails to follow.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner’s niece and nephew, along with their families, arrived home from Alberta. We gathered for a large fish fry and were able to spoil the twin boys (eight months) and Saydee (two years old).
It’s too bad they live so far away, but it is so nice for George and Barb that they managed to get through the weather and make their Christmas so special.
• • •
Slowly things will get back to normal, and the mess will be cleaned up. I still am expecting a bit more company though my boyfriend/partner is finished with visiting and has made his way to the trapline.
I know many who have their Christmas tree put away by now, but I always leave mine up until after Ukrainian Christmas in memory of my Grandma Bliss. I enjoy sitting looking at the lights once the rest of the mess is long gone!
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010!

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