‘Angel’ program to help kids get gifts

Duane Hicks

Christmas is a time when magical memories that last a lifetime are made, so why not make sure this one is special for all district children?
The Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services’ annual “Adopt an Angel” campaign is underway again, with trees now up at Walmart, The Bargain Shop, and Taggs Source for Sports here, as well as Tompkins Hardware in Emo.
The “Adopt an Angel” program helps children in need by reaching out to the community to purchase Christmas gifts for a child (or children) who likely would not receive any otherwise.
It helps kids from low-income families, as well as foster children and other youngsters receiving help through the KRRCFS, to get gifts at Christmas.
“Adopt an Angel” has been running here for 16 years and helps roughly 150 children each year from Rainy River to Atikokan.
In order to donate to “Adopt an Angel,” people are urged to visit the tree located at one of the four participating stores.
They then can select an angel off the tree, each of which includes a name, age, and gift suggestions for a child in need.
Then they can shop for the child in the same store their angel is located (use the gift suggestions provided as guidelines for what to get).
KRRCFS then will pick up the gifts from each store and distribute them to each home.
“Adopt an Angel” always has been very successful in the past, and receives overwhelming support from the community each year.
It also is a great way for families and children to learn about giving.
Those who would like to give, but don’t want to purchase gifts, are welcome to drop off a monetary donation at the Child and Family Services’ reception desk.
At the end of the campaign, if there are angels that haven’t been chosen off the tree, these monetary donations will be used to purchase or supplement gifts.
For more information, contact Cheyenne Calder at cheyennecalder@krrcfs.ca