An aggressive anti-poverty plan

The Liberal Party’s “Green Shift” announced on June 19 marked the most aggressive anti-poverty program in 40 years.
The “shift” will transfer wealth from rich to poor, from the oil patch to the rest of the country, and from the coffers of big business to the pockets of low-income Canadians.
Roughly $9 billion of the $15.3 billion expected to be collected annually in carbon tax revenues would be returned to Canadians earning less than $40,000 annually.
This would be done through a combination of income tax cuts and benefits targeted at children, low-wage earners, rural residents, and individuals with disabilities.
In addition, this fiscal framework will work collaboratively with the Liberal 30-50 Plan to Combat Poverty. Together, I am excited by the prospect this comprehensive strategy holds for both the environment and for the people of our riding.
As part of this plan, Liberals have committed to expanding and improving the Canada Child Tax Benefit. With the proposed “green shift,” Liberals have reaffirmed their pledge to introduce a $350 universal child tax benefit by backing it with $2.9 billion in carbon tax revenues.
The “Green Shift” also will increase support for low-income seniors. The Guaranteed Income Supplement, for instance, would be increased by $600 a year over the course of a Liberal mandate.
The cost would be met by $800 million in carbon tax proceeds.
Liberals also have committed to ensuring that work pays more than welfare. The “Green Shift” would enrich the Conservative government’s Working Income Tax Benefit and replace the employment tax credit with $1,850 refund targeted at those earning less than $50,000.
The $765 million cost also would be covered by carbon tax revenue.
I invite and encourage everyone to visit to see how this comprehensive plan will benefit low-income Canadians.
Meanwhile, I will continue to work collaboratively with my Liberal colleagues towards a fairer, richer, greener Canada.

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