Amazing weather for fair this year

Well, another Emo Fair has come and gone!
The weather was simply amazing this year. We have been much warmer, much colder, and definitely much wetter.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see all the booths in the Farm Progress Building or even see in much detail all the work in the exhibit hall. That’s because there is always something to do in the barn (i.e., lots of questions, visiting, and, of course, poop to shovel).
The cattle were all well-behaved, though, and everyone should be very proud of putting on an excellent show.
You certainly hear a wide variety of comments when you’re sitting in the barn watching the people walk by. Some of them simply amaze me: “Oh, the smell,” Why do they just sit here and look at their butts all day,” “Are they just looking for the prettiest cow,” and “That one must be a bull, it’s big” (meanwhile a calf is sucking its momma!)
I hope some people go home with a better understanding of why we do what we do! I certainly hope many of you took the time to milk “Maple” the cow in the Farm Progress Building.
Kristine and Shirley do a wonderful job of spreading the good word about agriculture, and have been doing it for many years. I appreciate all that you do to keep people educated about our industry.
• • •
Alas, now back to reality. Almost every year on the weekend of the fair, something seems to go wrong back at home. I know one of my friends had to run home since he had some cattle out.
Sure enough, on Sunday I had some cattle that had disappeared, as well. It seems they just know when to test you!
It was a busy weekend with people cutting second cut and combining.
That is the drawback of having a nice weekend for the fair—many of the farmers were busy farming!
• • •
I need to really pick up the pace here at the ag research station as one of my students was planning to be finished this Wednesday!
I’m hoping to have all our performance trials combined by then. It might be a big goal, but we are going to try.
Taking the time off last week for the fair really forces me to pick up the pace this week! We have lots of fall work to do and with the kids heading back to school, it puts a lot more pressure on.
We think we have the combine dialed in now, so that will eliminate going to Quetico to pick up the thresher and then running everything through it.
I’d like to take my cattle up to the Dryden Fair, but I don’t think I will be able to justify that trip this year!
• • •
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• • •
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Emo Fair in some way, shape, or form. It proves what you can do when you work together!

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