Already dreaming about going fishing

This weekend marks the March Break for students in Rainy River District.
My computer also has had its clock updated for the new daylight savings time. On Sunday, we will follow the residents of the United States to begin daylight savings time three weeks early.
Most people already will have installed the patches on their computers so that jumping ahead is easy. Others may have to change the internal clocks of their computers.
For many companies, the scramble—although not as serious as “Y2K”—does present problems. Large corporation have all of their computers synchronized to a specific time clock. When they become unsynchronized, problems often can result.
That doesn’t mean much to most folks. And it probably means even less to kids. They will learn that they have an extra hour of sunlight for their spring vacation.
There are signs spring is just around the corner. The Toronto sportsmen’s show is lining up and last weekend the Mid-Canada Boat Show was held in Winnipeg.
Angler catalogues from both Bass Pro and Cabelas have arrived with their new spring products. They really are the devil’s temptation.
In my heart, I know I really don’t need another rod, nor reel, nor any new baits. In my mind, though, as soon as I turn the page, I can imagine holding that new shiny rod in my left hand and cranking on the reel with my right—the rod bending toward the water as I power a big bass or great northern pike to the landing net.
I can feel the excitement of bringing that fish to the surface to be netted. I can see it all on the first page of the catalogue.
Farther back in the pages, I can feel the touch of the grub snaking a worm along a sandy bottom in anticipation of connecting with a walleye.
This time, I am holding the rod and reel in my right hand and the spinning reel is turning at the barest of motion. I have already picked my bait colours, new for this year. They are subtly different than last year.
You have to know in your mind that you will be successful.
They tell athletes that they have to visualize striking the ball to be successful. They tell swimmers they have to visualize the start and their turns to win races, so that it all becomes automatic.
I hope visualizing catching fish will make me successful this year. And maybe the confidence of using those new baits, new rods, and new reels will make the difference.
I can already justify the purchase.

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