Allergies can’t win argument

The gene pool have been visiting in force these past weeks.
The questions and methods of weaseling desires out of the grandparents are sophisticated enough to put most espionage agencies to shame.
For example:
“Lala, how come you don’t have a cat or a dog?” asked ‘She who we cannot say no to.’
“Because we are away too much and there would be no one to look after them when we are gone,” replied The Pearl.
It was early in the morning and The Pearl had not yet sharpened her defensive wits for the day.
“Oh, look at that beautiful dog on the TV. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely dog like that. What would you name ir?” asked Undeniable, starting the subterfuge in spite of hardened resistance.
“Yes, it’s a beautiful dog. If I had one like that, I’d name it ‘Chopper,’” agreed The Pearl as, sensing some sort of attack, the hairs on her neck began to tingle.
“Well, let’s get one. You can teach it to ride in the car with you and it can visit us when you come to visit,” quipped Undeniable without missing a beat.
“No! We can’t have a pet in this house because you grandfather is allergic to dogs,” shot back The Pearl, her defensive radar finally warmed up.
“Well, how about a cat?” countered Undeniable, not even close to admitting defeat.
“No! Even worse. Papa’s really allergic to cats,” stated The Pearl, the debate now in full swing.
“What’s ’lergic?” queried Undeniable, not willing to concede defeat.
“He’ll get all wheezy, and itchy, and sneezy and coughy, and sick,” stated The Pearl with some conviction this would end the debate.
“Then he should just take a pill,” reasoned Undeniable, still conceding nothing.
“Papa already takes too many pills,” concluded The Pearl, closing the door on debate and the tail of a half-grown kitten that tried to dart inside as The Pearl made her escape from the steaming kitchen onto the cool of the deck.
“Reowrrr!” screamed the cat as it made one furious lap of the utility room, knocked over the garbage can, and then fled between the Pearl’s legs back to the great out of doors.
“Where did that stupid cat come from?” snarled The Pearl, trying to steady her nerves from the sudden onslaught.
“Oh, I think it followed us home,” replied Undeniable. “We told it not to, and petted it so it would stay at that old house down the street.
“It looked hungry so we fed it so it would go home, but it’s staying under the porch . . . for the last two days,” explained Undeniable, innocently batting big, sad, tear-laden eyes.
“Can we keep it?” she questioned, wiping away a stray tear.
“Absolutely, definitely, positively, certainly not!” stated The Pearl forcefully.
“. . . . at least not inside the house.”
I picked up another bottle of antihistamines.
Can anyone offer a good home for a wild, absolutely adorable kitten—after this weekend?

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