All signs pointing to wet spring

I don’t know what’s worse: the bitter cold or the snow?
I was glad to see the milder temperature Monday morning, but I wasn’t so impressed to see the pile of snow on my deck—again.
I clean my deck off every time it snows (which has been almost daily this year) but that morning it looked as though I hadn’t cleaned it off this month. I guess the wind was blowing in the right direction for it to pile up even more.
I’ve noticed that all conversations start out with “Man, I am tired of winter and snow.” Meanwhile, I just keep thinking about the mess we are going to have this spring.
It was wet going into winter, it is still very wet under the snow (no frost), and then all this snow will melt. I doubt we will be lucky enough to have a spring like we did last year.
• • •
I had a few calls, and people approach me, about my pen I talked about in last week’s column. I should have mentioned that it is a white and pink breast cancer pen.
It is neat because it has small post-it notes right in the body of it.
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting tends to always land on the coldest night of the year—and Mother Nature didn’t let us down again this year.
But despite the very cold night, we had good attendance and we finally were able to change directors (thanks to all who let their names stand and to all who have joined the board).
Dan Darling, the OCA vice-president, was unable to make it but Paul Stiles, the assistant manager for the OCA, gave us a quick but informative presentation of what is happening in our industry right now.
Paul mentioned he always notices what a community-minded area we are, and that we really have a lot on the go and it is all because of the excellent bunch of volunteers we have here in Rainy River District.
Like most of our visitors to the district, we are proud to show off our new abattoir. Our guests have been very impressed with our very modern system.
Having people see what community efforts can do is great for us, and certainly is a step to keep us in the loop for upcoming activities.
• • •
I had a small note from former Rainy River District farmers Mike and Joanne Neilson who now live in Willowbrook, Sask. They just wanted to remind everyone that their bull sale is scheduled for March 12 in Yorkton, Sask.
They are also featuring a open heifer sale.
Many district Charolais breeders from Rainy River attend/purchase bulls from Mike and Joanne.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Leaders’ Association annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Country Corner Café in Stratton.
We will have a social hour at 6 p.m., followed by supper at 7 p.m. If you are planning to attend, you need to get in touch with me by this Friday (Jan. 28).
Like many other organizations, there is a lot changing with 4-H Ontario. One thing that’s in effect now is the fact they have lowered the age to be in 4-H—you now only have to be nine to be in 4-H (other than the beef clubs).
• • •
A benefit dinner is planned for Tyler Roymn, the son of Tim and Tammy Romyn of Devlin, on Saturday, Feb. 12 at the Devlin Hall.
Tyler is battling cancer.
Organizers have been able to have all groceries for the meal donated, except the roast beef. It is time for the farming community to step in.
They are looking for inside round or sirloin tip roasts, and they are thinking they will need around 80 pounds.
I already have a number of people committed to donating roasts while others who were not able to supply meat have sent monetary donations so we can purchase the meat (if needed). Please let me know if you can help!
As the donations come in, it certainly makes me feel good that we live in such a caring community and we can work together in a time like this.
• • •
My cows followed me home, so they are now in the yard ready for calving. I walked up and brought home the tub that I was feeding mineral and salt in, and I guess they knew that was there cue to come home.
The yard seems so small with so much snow, but I guess they will pack it down once they are in.
Some of my friends already have calves on the ground, so I wish everyone success and decent temperatures. This 40-below stuff certainly makes for longs nights and days (you really have to be on your toes).
Alas, I think my sleeping through the night likely will come to an end this weekend as I will have to start checking on things myself.
• • •
Wishing my mom and dad a happy anniversary for this week (42 years), and my sister-in-law a very happy birthday (I don’t think she would want me to list her age!)

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