All ready for the holidays

The Christmas tree is decorated. Marnie has her baking completed. Our sons arrived home Thursday evening and Sunday morning, flying right into Fort Frances.
I think our household is ready for Christmas.
And just as our household is busy getting ready for the holiday season, so is the staff at the Times and Record. Many advertising agencies will close this Thursday and will remain closed through to Jan. 3, so they are busy getting us the bookings and the ad materials for the next two weeks.
At the Times, we will be short-staffed through the Christmas season as various members travel to be with their loved ones across Ontario. We wish them safe journeys as they begin heading out on the highways as soon as the paper is put to bed today.
We will not be publishing the Record during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Rather, Ken, Linda, and Anne will take a well-deserved break, but will be out on the streets as soon as the New Year begins with all of the happenings over the Christmas season.
The Daily Bulletin will not be published on Dec. 24, Dec. 27, and Dec. 31. But the Times will be published, as usual, next Wednesday (Dec. 29).
The annual year in review edition comes out that day, and Melanie Béchard, Duane Hicks, Michael Hilborn, and Emmanuel Moutsatsos already have their photographs and stories prepared for that edition.
In order to not publish those days, we have had to make arrangements with the suppliers of the TV Guide grids to get them earlier than normal.
Meanwhile, Beth Caldwell has been busy writing her last “Grand Times” story of the year that also will come out Dec. 29. This monthly feature—focused on seniors—has grown in popularity since its inception.
Already, Beth is busy looking ahead to the New Year, including looking at stories for the bridal pages that will begin appearing in late January. If you have an interesting story idea for inclusion this year, Beth would appreciate hearing from you.
Because we have so few staff during this period, we ask for the public’s assistance in taking photographs or doing write-ups of events that happen in the next seven days.
We very much appreciate being invited into homes across Rainy River District each week, and thank our readers, our carriers, our writers, and our advertisers who work with us to tell the stories and happenings of the people and businesses each week.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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