All of the combining’s been done

I actually finished combining all our plots last week and all that is left is a bunch of straw.
I wasn’t hoping to get it baled near the end of the week but the weather changed and I decided to leave it standing rather than laying.
I have some later seeded plots that I will just have to wait and see if they mature or not.
I am anxious to clean up some annual grasses and Canada thistle with some Round-Up.
I also plan to cut a bit more alfalfa once the critical harvest period has past. It is normally around mid-September but with the frost the other night—it might be good to go now.
I did manage to plug the combine (twice) so I have learned a few more things over the week.
• • •
Madison is heading to JK this year. (Sadly, they sure grow up fast!)
She had her interview for school the other day and her mom and dad have been busy practising things with her.
Her dad had been drilling her with questions and she wanted to know, “Why he always wants to pretend he is a teacher?”
I am hoping Maddie will bring some of her farming knowledge with her to school.
• • •
We had a successful cattle sale over the weekend.
We actually saw some improved prices. There were a few farmers with smiles on their faces!
Maybe things are going to start too improve—it is long over-due. One particular farm had 150 yearlings there—we were able to sell 58 of them in one lot—which was exactly one truck load!
This was exciting and a very nice accomplishment. Good work to the farm that raised such great consistent animals.
They also brought a very nice price for them as well.
This was mainly a yearling sale but we had around 80 calves as well—these calves (especially the steers) brought very good money. I had to ask the auctioneer a couple of times if that was the price since I hadn’t wrote down those kinds of numbers in a long time.
We had just over 1,000 head and we brought in nearly $880,000. (Most of that money will be spent right here in Rainy River District. Actually most of it has already been spent!)
• • •
Carson McQuaker celebrated his 90th birthday over the weekend.
Carson ended up in the hospital last fall (for the first time in his life) and it was the first time he ever missed at cattle sale.
We are happy that he is able to get back and attend the sales.
Carson is strong and sharp and still able to bale hale if the younger generation needs a hand.
Happy birthday, Carson—you are a real asset to our district!
• • •
I am taking a few days off and heading to the lake with my boyfriend / partner.
I normally only take time off to work at the cattle sale or the fair etc, but I am going to go and try to relax and enjoy the fall air!
Hopefully everything behaves at home—my mom and dad are in charge! (They have been on the move as well, so hopefully they will stay put for a few days to look after things!)

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