A Question About Political Correctness

Dear sir:
Not being a politician, not ever having joined a political party, and most of all never having been in politics, I have to ask this
question:  Does anyone out there actually know what ‘political correctness’ is?
I mean, if we were to take the lead by example from those who have been involved in government and are not only political but also politicians, you would tend think that if you were to emulate their actions that you would be acting in a politically correct fashion. If that were true, then, when Canadians want to be totally politically correct all they should have to do would be to follow the example of Canada’s top politician, the Prime Minister – in this case Stephen Harper, one would think.
Instead, most if not all, political figures in Canada – for lack of a better word, lie. They tell the general public (Canadians) whatever they (the politicians) believe Canadians wish to hear and what might help to get them elected.
Stephen Harper promised CFB Gagetown victims ‘fast, full and fair compensation’.  He further promised no tax on Income Trust and not to calculate the non-renewable resources when calculating transfer payments to the provinces. Greg Thompson keeps giving new dates for Gagetown compensation, only to change it before it arrives. Mr. O’Connor either tells little fibs in the House or he has no idea what is going on in his Department. The Liberal party, for nearly 10 years, promised if elected that they would abolish GST. I could go on, but I believe you get the point.  And it seems to be never ending, anyway.
So, if I were to behave by Canadian political example, being politically correct would mean that I have to lie through my teeth and then do whatever I wanted to do, anyway. However, if being politically correct means, “do as I say, not as I do” I fear we are getting very close to Communism or a dictatorship.
If lying has become an intricate part of Canadian politics, then Canadians must assume that political correctness involves much lying.  Or, at the very least, misdirection (smoke and mirrors) with little necessity to actually believe in what you are saying or doing.  And therefore,  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is not real or fact, but is for appearance’s sake only, sort of like those little white election lies, saying what the people want to hear.
Ken H. Young
3205 Telescope Terrace
Nanaimo, B.C.