A new year almost upon us

I could not help but notice Saturday evening, as we were fishing just north of my brother’s cabin, that the sun is now setting by 8:30 p.m.
We had thought we could get a full hour-and-a-half on the hump, but had to head back to the cabin after just an hour of fishing.
Fall is coming. The days definitely are getting shorter, mornings are cooler, and some leaves from my maple have fallen.
Yes, the summer is winding down. Our summer intern, Elizabeth Heslop, filed her final story in this week’s Times. She spent an evening last week out on skeet range at the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club property and when offered a shotgun, took it up and successfully knocked clay targets out of the air.
According to local skeet enthusiast Ted Brockie, she did more than just adequately shoot for a first-timer.
She has been invited back out this week before she heads west to return to journalism school.
Our other young intern who has spent three summers with us, Mallory Donaldson, will head back to Lakehead University for her final semesters before graduation.
We wish them every success in the coming school year.
The lazy days of August give way to the urgency of September as we change our lives and our worlds speed up with the start of the new school year.
We have had several “first riders” come into the office with their mothers all excited about boarding the bus to go to school. I don’t know if going to school or the bus ride is more exciting for them, though I know that moms are excited at having school start again.
Students will begin trickling into the high school to pick up their timetables.
In homes across Rainy River District, parents of students heading off to colleges and universities are going over their children’s clothes, stereos, computers, microwaves, etc. to make sure they are prepared for any eventuality come this fall.
Those who already have been away for a year or more won’t have as many decisions to make, but first-time post-secondary students have a lot to think about.
By now, most will have some idea who their roommates will be. And in discussions, they will be making decisions about who is bringing the fridge, the toaster, and the microwave.
And the nervousness they felt going into high school will be felt again as they head to campuses and have to learn their way around.
And while students are heading back to school, I’ve noticed my calendar is filling up with notices of meetings as the summer recess ends the day after Labour Day.
I notice that the “Recreator” put out by the Sportsplex has sign-up schedules for all sorts of recreation groups. Parents whose wallets are not emptied with back-to-school shopping will see their bank accounts plundered for minor hockey, swimming, figure skating, dance, and the list goes on.
The new year is upon us. We just don’t celebrate Sept. 1 as New Year’s Day.

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